Souls to the Polls

On November 4th from 12 noonto 5pm, The Pinellas County Urban League organized a non-partisan community event in St. Petersburg, Florida at Demens Landing on Bayshore Drive and 2nd Avenue South.  The event is to celebrate citizen’s civic pride and encourage greater participation in the upcoming midterm election. Activities for the festival included shuttle services to the polls for voting, food, music,and entertainment.

The event was hosted as part of the #VoteTogether, a national initiative to bring together families, friends and neighbors in celebration of civic engagement and the act of voting. The initiative aims to create 2000 voting celebrations across the county. Learn more at https://votetogetherusa.org

We would also like to thank all those who donated and contributed to making this event happen.

Click the pictures below to see more pictures or visit our Facebook page to see pictures and video of the event.


Pinellas County Urban League President & CEO, Rev. Watson Haynes interviewing with Channel 10
PInellas County Urban League Young Profeesionals
WOKE VOTE ladeis at their table