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Promoting personal development is paramount to the holistic success of the youth and families supported by the Education, Youth & Family Services Department.


To facilitate their journey toward success, our education programs offer avenues for enhancing educational achievement, honing leadership abilities, and fostering social and character development.


(Summer Training in Youth Leadership & Employment)

STYLE, a youth program funded by the City of St. Petersburg, delivers targeted instruction and practical training in essential workplace skills.


These include entrepreneurship, financial literacy, teamwork, problem-solving, critical thinking, effective business communication, professional appearance, and demeanor. Spanning eight weeks, the program caters to fifty youths aged 14-16 residing within the City of St. Petersburg.

College Friends

(Youth Crime Prevention & Intervention Program)

Our mission is to cultivate a more resilient and secure community for the children and families under our care. Within our community justice initiatives, funded by Florida’s Office of the Attorney General, we instill in our youth the importance of social accountability.


Employing diverse approaches, including the restorative justice framework, we facilitate meaningful dialogues among youth and community members, encouraging reflection on our everyday interactions.

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