Operation SMART

Youth & Family Services Department

Operation SMART Summer Awards Celebration

July 20, 2018 at the GRAYDI Program in Largo, FL

The 2018 Pinellas County Urban League’s Operation SMART (Student Motivational and Readiness Training) is a summer program funded by Pinellas County Community Foundation. The program is designed to reinforce developmental academic skills, as well as provide readiness training to students to prepare them for grade advancement. The program increases the likelihood that students will stay in school and earn a diploma by providing individualized tutoring in the basic academic skill competencies in which they are deficient, thus enabling them to meet the educational standards and competencies at their grade level. Tutoring is provided in all required subject areas, including mathematics, communication skills and computer science.

For more information contact
Mike Boykins, Sr. at 727-327-2081 x120 or mboykins@pcul.org


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