Take the 2020 Census to Help Our Community

Every 10 years we as a community are tasked with filling out the census to count the people living in our households. It is important to fill out the census because counting everyone in the community is important and necessary. Please see the video people to hear from our President & CEO, Rev. Watson L. Haynes on the importance of the taking the 2020 Census.

Due to COVID-19 the Census Self-Response  date has been ended to October 31st, 2020. It takes 10 minutes and if you can't find your mailed census invitation that's okay! You can still fill out the census, click the link below!

It's time click here to complete the census!!

Are you still nervous about the Census and want to see what it looks like? Click Here

Do you have questions about the confidentiality of the 2020 Census? Click Here

Do you have questions on how the census financially impacts Florida? Click Here