Here's How to Help (HH2H)

With the onset of the Covid-19pandemic, many in Pinellas County have temporarily or permanently lost their jobs, hence their income, health care, and, for many, their hope.  No one really knows how many will ever get their jobs back.  Even though a person’s job may stop, that person’s rent/mortgage, utility bills, health care, need for food, and much more does not.  Even if some of these costs are delayed, eventually they must be paid.  How is this possible?


Since the onset of the pandemic, requests to the Pinellas County Urban League (PCUL) for help have increased over four times what was requested in 2019. As the pandemic rages on, this number will only increase.  In addition to those already struggling, we are seeing a new class of people of all races emerge.  They are called the ‘New Poor.”  How do we help turn this around?


The Black community in Pinellas, as it is elsewhere, has been hardest hit.  As of July 13, 2020,

·  Blacks living in Pinellas are 3.01 times more likely to beCOVID-19 positive than whites.

·  Of individuals in Pinellas who test positive for COVID-19,Blacks are nearly 2.41 times as likely to be hospitalized.

·  Across Florida, Blacks are 1.41 times more likely to die from COVID than Whites. Hispanics are 1.13 times more likely.  How can we help?


Here’s how you can help.  Contribute to the HERE’S HOW TO HELP (HH2H) fund created and administered by PCUL.  Your support will make all the difference.  


What does the HH2H fund do?  The fund will be distributed, in its entirety, to the following areas: Emergency Needs, Economic Development, Health, Youth Programs & Housing.

Programs in these areas will be implemented and administered by the Pinellas County Urban League.  The PCUL will allocate funds following an objective rubric and maintain records of the fund’s distribution in terms of programs, recipients, and representation throughout Pinellas County.  At the end of this letter, you will find details about these so-needed programs.


Why PCUL?  The Pinellas County Urban League does life-changing work for the benefit of those in need.  It is run and staffed by trained professionals who live in and are committed to our Pinellas County community.  The PCUL is recognized both locally and nationally for its excellent administering of funds and programs.  The PCUL has had a clean audit for 36years and has been a good steward for over sixty-seven million dollars that it has earned and been awarded over the last ten years of operation from grants, foundation support, corporate and individual donations, and funding from the national level.


The Pinellas County Urban League is one of the strongest and most recognized chapters of the National Urban League.  Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in the United States and our country’s protests for justice, the National Urban League has been in the national forefront.  So too is our Pinellas County Urban League.  Reverend Watson Haynes, PCUL’s president, has been a leader and included on crucial city, county and state task forces focused on individual and economic health during the pandemic and on substantive police reform.


What to do NOW?  Help!  If you feel the same way as I do about the great need to cure the economic disparity in our community and if you feel the same way as I do about the need to help our neighbors throughout Pinellas County, then Please Donate to the HERE’S HOW TO HELP fund.  Our goal is to raise $250,000 by December 31st, 2020.


This is an opportunity for both individuals and corporations. Please share this with your friends and colleagues.

 Pinellas County Urban League Donors


Thank you for your thoughtful and generous donation.  We shall send you a thank you letter with tax information to document your donation.  You will also receive, as our gift of gratitude and safety, a PCUL face mask.


 Ways to Donate


1. Click on HERE’S HOW TO HELP Logo below


2. Write a check made out to the Pinellas County Urban League and designated it to HERE’S HOW TO HELP and send it to:

                     PCUL, 333 31st Street N, St. Petersburg, FL 33713


3. Call: Reverend Watson Haynes at (727) 327-3568, Corporations may want to call to explore other ways to make a difference




Programs Your Generous Donations Will Support

Contribute whatever you can or Support an entire program


Emergency Needs

    -  Low Income Energy Assistance Program

    -  With participation in Economic Development programs, individuals and families can receive assistance with gas, car repair, and groceries

    -  Temporary crisis assistance for shelter, gas, car repair, and groceries


Economic Development

- Financial Empowerment Program: teaches how to budget, save, build assets, restore and build credit, and introduce individuals to relevant partner agencies.

 - Workforce Development Program: teaches resume writing, soft skills, and job placement

 - Serious Business Academy: teaches QuickBooks, planning, branding, and marketing



 - Mobile Health Unit: travels county-wide providing health screenings, quality health care information including how to access to the Health Insurance Marketplace

 - Certified Mental Health Counselors


Youth Services

- NULITES (National Urban League Incentives to Excel & Succeed): college exploration tours, SAT & ACT prep courses, work skills, scholarship opportunities, community service projects, and attending the State and National Urban League Conferences with over 1,000 other NULITES

 - GED Tutoring Assistance Program

- Community Crime Prevention Program

- STYLE(Summer Training Youth Leadership and Employment): for student ages 14-16

Operation SMART (Student Motivational and Readiness Training):provides individual tutoring and guidance to ensure that youth stay in school and graduate.

 - SOAR(Sing Out and Read) at Jordan Park:  SOAR is a well-documented successful reading program.  Expansion of this program is desirable.




*Please see pcul.org for details about the above programs and more