Congratulations Leonte Tukes BCU Freshman Class President

Former Youth &Family Services Department, NULITES (National Urban League Incentives To Excel & Succeed) Member

Makes Headlines As Bethune-Cookman University’s 2018 Freshman Class President

Leonte Tukes exemplifies the word;“LEADERSHIP.” He has always been that young man that possesses a glow of determination and drive. As a member of the NULITES youth program, Leonte continued to set the standards of being a positive role-model and inclusive representation of the programs seven principles of: STRIVE for excellence at home, school and in our community, WORK  within my neighborhood to further its development, RESPECT  one’s mind and body as well as the mind and bodies of others, CELEBRATE  my heritage and culture as well as those of others, CREATE  a better future for my family, other people and myself, CARE  for the world’s people and environment and PROMOTE  a universal spirit of cooperation and peace.

Leonte Tukes speaking at the 2016 STYLE graduation ceremony

Whenever asked to take part in any activity or event, Leonte would attend displaying that infectious smile, polite greeting, willing worker attitude and sometimes words of encouragement. Hispassion of helping people and dedication to God has opened doors and brought about a host of resources and opportunities that many doubted. Besides being amember of the NULITES program, Leonte is also a graduate of the 2016 STYLE (Summer Training in Youth Leadership & Employment) program. After graduating from the program in 2016, he returned for the next two years as a volunteer before leaving for college. His reasoning for returning to the program as a volunteer was to offer advice and guidance to others who may have needed that little push or kind word.

Leonte Tukes far left at volunteering as a NULITES at Jordan Park neighborhood event
Leonte was asked how he felt about the election process, his statement was: “I thought for sure that I had lost because I was not social enough during the campaign, but because of my vision, my plan and past leadership experiences, many were persuaded that I was the most eloquent and distinct candidate.”
Leonte Tukes

The program’s youth and staff will miss Leonte but wishes him the best as he represents in his new and deserved role as; BCU’s Freshman Class President.

 Michael J. Boykins, Sr.

Director, Youth & Family Services