GED Tutoring Assistance

The GED Tutoring Assistance Program  is a partnership between the Urban League, Pinellas County Schools, and Raymond James that provides personalized GED tutoring and testing to students seeking to obtain their high school diploma and others 16 or older who are not currently enrolled in school. Classes are instructed by Beth Bridges. She has been an adult education teacher for 16 years and has worked with the Pinellas County Urban League for the past seven years.

New, more stringent GED guidelines went into effect January 1, 2014, and the PCUL is positioning itself to respond to the needs of its GED students. Plans are underway to develop a designated after-hours work area for those needing to enhance their computer skills, and through partnerships with other organizations, we plan to offer tutoring to help students realize their dream of obtaining their high school diploma.

For more information contact 
Beth Bridges at 727-327-2081 ext.111

Success Story

Shameka Thomas was a PCUL Career Connection Center (CCC) client in search of a better job. Shameka worked for the Tampa Bay Times, and was expecting to be laid off at any time, so she wanted to make sure she could support herself if that happened. The CCC Coordinator helped her realize that not having a high school diploma or GED was hindering her from obtaining a better job, and suggested she enroll in the GED Program.

Shameka began visiting the GED lab early in the year, but due to her full-time work schedule, was unable to come in as often as she wanted.  However, as a result of one-on-one tutoring from Pinellas County Schools Adult Education Instructor, Beth Bridges, Shameka tested during the summer and passed the GED on her very first attempt!


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